Call it a guilty pleasure or self-care, what is one thing you do just for fun?

Why do we have so much trouble indulging ourselves in a little self-care? A massage, a nice soak in the tub, a movie, go out with friends, take that class we’ve really been wanting too … or whatever you consider to be a great way to treat yourself and have fun.

We get so caught up in surviving day to day that we often forget to slow down and “smell the roses” along the way.  You may have a long commute, children to usher out the door every morning, a long list of projects to complete, or … well, you can fill in the blank for what consumes your time here. Bottom line is we get so busy taking care of everything and everyone else, we often run out of time for ourselves. Why is it so hard?

Even when we find time we hesitate, often feeling guilt for wanting some time to ourselves.  Have you ever found yourself in this position? Do you talk yourself out of your guilty pleasure? What excuses do you use? Are you uncomfortable trying new things especially if you may feel vulnerable, such as a massage.  Or intimidated in taking a new class.  

Most of us have been taught to take care of others and that taking time for ourselves is being selfish, which can often trigger guilt when we actually do take a moment.  You deserve to take time for yourself. Taking care of ones self is important. It allows us to recharge; our bodies, our souls, like taking a nice deep cleansing breath!  It provides the energy and helps us maintain our health so that we can continue our daily activities. 

Each day ask yourself, what small thing can I do today to treat myself?   Maybe it’s sitting quietly meditating for five minutes, a nice bath before bed, savoring a nice cup of tea while watching the sun rise or set, a walk in nature, reading that book you’ve been meaning to get around to, a relaxed conversation with a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile; you decide what works best for you.What will you do today for some fun? What will your guilty pleasure be? Me, I’m going for that book next to my chair I’ve been meaning to start.

To your guilty pleasure!


Photo by Gustavo Fring

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