So, what now?

Have you ever struggled with what you’re doing or had a change in perspective that leads you to change what you want to do? Are you juggling working full-time, feeling overwhelmed and constantly worried, a family member that’s ill and in need of constant care or your kids are at a stage in life that you’re finding particularly worrisome. We all have experienced worry to some degree. I’m guilty of trying to do too many things all in the hopesRead more

Reach Your Goals Faster with High-Power Work Sessions

A lot of people hoping to make money online are limited to working at it just a few hours per day or less. If you’re working a day job and are frustrated that you can’t spend more time becoming financially free, I have some good news for you. Do you know what’s even more effective than having more time to work? Getting as much as you possibly can out of the time you do have available. That means focused, driven work. TheRead more

The Importance of Taking Time For You

For the first time in a very long time, I took myself on vacation!  Well, myself and my best friend that is took a much needed and well deserved trip to have fun.  You know FUN!  If you’re schedule is anything like mine, you’re busy right? Who has time to just take a week to relax, no work, just blissful reflection time and FUN?  Now I’m not saying we sat around the whole time doing nothing.  Heck no!  We exploredRead more


What exactly is mindset? Why is it important to our personal development? These are important questions and I’d like to address it briefly in this article to do otherwise would result in a dissertation … When I asked my youngest son “When I say mindset to you, what do you think of?” He replied without hesitation “Your attitude … I think.” He was right even with his “I think.”  It is all about your attitude, beliefs, assumptions, and your viewRead more

Gratitude: A Personal Development Tool

Personal Development is a unique journey for each individual.  As such, there are different ways you can accomplish personal development.  The key is to start somewhere and if you are like most people, you can get overwhelmed by all the personal development tools that are available to you. Sometimes this can lead to indecision and no improvement whatsoever. One of the most beneficial tools I have used is gratitude.  The concept of gratitude or being grateful for what you haveRead more


As I sit here without electricity [thanks Irma], I am contemplating today’s topic. I’ve been staring out my windows for a while now, watching the rain beat against the glass making a soft tapping noise.  I watch the trees sway unnaturally and twist against the onslaught of wind and I marvel at nature’s resilience … ah ha! Today’s topic … Resilience! What exactly is resilience anyway? Well, resilience is the ability to adapt or recover quickly from a difficult orRead more

Personal Development: Learning to Like Myself

Wow, ya’ll it’s been a LONG day … and on long days I can drift into the dark side of negativity if not careful. Know what I mean? Anyway, today’s topic is a good one and one I struggled with for many years. I know you’ve heard me or someone else say that if you can’t like yourself and always speak negatively about yourself, you attract that behavior from others toward yourself.  After all if you don’t like you, whyRead more

Do You Need a Personal Coach?

There was a time when the only people who had personal coaches were famous celebrities or those who were in dire need of counseling for different issues; physical fitness, financial planning, or everyday life. But in the last few years, having a personal coach has become much more common. Today, coaches specialize in career development, personal development, health and wellness, and so on.  But what should you expect from a coach? People may need the help of a personal coachRead more

Learning to Feel Good About Yourself

One of the best gifts you can give yourself it to love yourself. When you don’t feel good about yourself, you can unknowingly create a lot of problems for yourself. Your work starts to suffer, and your relationships start to suffer. After all, if you don’t feel good about yourself, how can other people? You attract what you send out. Here are some tips to help you start feeling better about yourself so that you can start living life again.Read more

How To Deal With Toxic People

We all know them. Everyone has at least one toxic person in their lives. A close relative, significant other, or friend. They can be draining, upsetting and make you feel insecure or doubt yourself. However, there are some things you can do to deal with these toxic people. Keep reading for more information. The first thing you can do, if at all possible, is to cut down time that you spend with these people before they sabotage you completely. TheyRead more