Hello From Costa Rica

Wow! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  I’ve been traveling (no excuse – but I’m using it) and having a blast in remote locations (except for mosquitos — but then I have those at home too).  This week I’ve been working and vacationing in Costa Rica and the ambiance here is divine relaxation. Time has slowed down to a pace I could definitely get used to!

Every morning I’m awakened by the sound of ocean waves and the native birds calling a cherry “Morning! Get Up Lazy People and ENJOY with us!” I know I’m taking liberty in speaking for them, but hey; it’s my blog … LOL.

So today I’m going to touch on gratitude again. Why, because it’s through gratitude for my life, family, working relationships, NEW and EXCITING friendships, opportunity to build a business (I could go on) that I find myself embarking on the most exciting time of my life. For example, as I type this today, I’m staring at the beautiful Pacific Ocean; something I’ve always wanted to see, dip my toes in (yeah, I’m not swimming with critters that can EAT me), the breeze (yum) and enjoy the sunsets and sunrises.

After my trip to Mexico last year with my bestie and how recharged I was afterward, I realized I need more relaxation in my life.  This constant go, go, go … working 12-14 hour days before I got home was something that I didn’t want to do anymore.  So, I’m cutting back on my hours and spending time with family, friends, and using my vacation time I earn on … you guessed it … VACATIONS and not working around the house.

Focus on what is important to you whether it is your faith, family, building your business, finding yourself … whatever it is.  Find what you are grateful for, make a list and refer to it often.  Tell those you love “I love you” daily. You don’t have to travel to find yourself … I just happened to find ME in Mexico floating down an underground river; ironic huh?

I can promise you  life will get super busy if you let it and you mustn’t lose sight of what is really important. You will find more peace and happiness in life through a little gratitude for who you are, what you have, and those in your life now and yet to come!

What are you grateful for?


p.s. The photo for this post was taken outside of Jaco, Cosa Rica … the sunset from the cliffs … breathtaking and I had to share!

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