Benefits of Walking

I know … totally random, right? No not really. Walking or exercise in general should be part of your personal development plan. For me walking is easiest on my joints, finding the time, and something I can do alone or with someone. And since walking is one of the ways in which I get exercise, I’d like to share the benefits.

If you’re a parent, you’re concerned about your children. Whether it is their mental makeup or their physical makeup, children benefit by the concern that parents show in this regard. When it comes to the physical makeup of our children, we want them to be active and healthy. The best way that we can do this is by being a role model. If we show a love for exercise, so will they, and walking is one of the best exercises to do.

With today’s high gas prices, most families are concerned with saving money wherever they can. If you own a car or two, you understand that the cost of fuel is a large portion of the family budget. That is why walking whenever you can is an excellent way to cut down on your fuel costs. This assumes you live in an area where walking to the market it feasible.  For me, not so much as the part of the country I live in is very spread out. But if you live close enough, a simple trip to the market by walking will soon add up to quite a savings AND health benefits.

If you are a parent and are home for long periods of time due to family responsibilities, or you are an office employee who sits in front of a computer all day, both of you will benefit by escaping that confinement by going for a leisurely stroll. For me, it’s a walk at lunch or in the evening when I get home. It will help you to get through the rest of the day and it will give you a wholesome break away from your daily routine.

Do we really know our neighbors? Have we made an effort to visit them and get to know more about them? If you are in a habit of going for a daily stroll around your neighborhood, you will probably have a greater opportunity to bump into them at some time. There will be occasions when they are working in their yards or coming and going from various daily outings. These would be perfect times for you to introduce yourself and thus perhaps start a new friendship. This is how we got to know all our neighbors. Especially today when people are busier and less social (think television, video games, etc.)

On the weekend, go to a local park, hiking trail, or fishing spot. For me, there is nothing that is more enjoyable that a stroll to enjoy the beautiful creation that surrounds us. It does not matter if it is a gorgeous evening sunset, an invigorating scent from a pine forest, or a daily stroll while admiring the neighbors flower beds, walking does wonders for our psyche, health, and stress levels.

The best time to think is when we get away from whatever we are doing and take a walk. Unless, of course, you’re walking with family or a friend; then it becomes an enjoyable social activity as well. Walking seems to stimulate the thinking process. We are able to make decisions wisely and see things a lot clearer when we are walking. Your mind is free to explore possibilities while your senses take in what is around you.

AND in my opinion, walking is simply the best exercise that you can do for your body. It is a low impact exercise and requires no costly equipment. The benefits derived from walking are second to none when it comes to fitness. Now let’s find those tennis shoes, we’re going for a walk.  You and I will feel SO much better and invigorated when we get back!