Finding The Time And Money To Travel

I have a trip coming up that I’m getting super excited about and it reminds me that not everyone finds the time to take some well deserved time off. Everybody loves to travel! At lease those I know do, but there are a couple of excuses that people always have when talking about vacation, time and money. Today we will discuss why time and money shouldn’t be an excuse for you not to travel anymore. Trust me, this has been my excuse for years …

Traveling the world is one of the best ways that you can gain a good perspective of other cultures as well as enjoy this marvelous planet that we live on. However in some cultures travel and vacationing is not part of their society. This is the case for most of the western world. We always seem to be too busy to get away.

But did you know that traveling can be inexpensive, fun and rejuvenating? It’s true! Some companies are now giving their employees trips because they understand that when an employee is rested they work more efficiently. Unfortunately, not all companies feel that way, the truth is most companies want you to work more and pay you less. Especially in today’s economy of rising inflation or salaries that don’t keep up with the inflation rate.

However, there are options. If you are young, you can stay in youth hostels. They are inexpensive to stay in and allow you to see the world without spending much money. Plus you can meet lots of friends who are also doing the same as you. However with youth hostels you should exercise caution because of safety. If you stay in groups you’ll most likely be fine so have a travel group if you can.

Another inexpensive way to travel is to book your airfare in advance by six months or more. This will give you the best pricing especially if you are going to be traveling during the holidays or peak vacation times.

If you have a frequent flyer card then you should use it to save on airfare. You might be able to even score a free ticket or two depending on how often you travel. With so many frequent flyer clubs out there, it is best to look into them and do your own research. Some frequent flyer clubs are geared toward business people while others are geared toward the average family. You just need to do some research to find out which ones will work best for you.

Speaking of frequent flyer clubs, one way to enjoy your trip is to hang out in the airport lounges. These are lounges that are exclusively designed for airline card members. They often require a yearly fee, however they can be relaxing and rejuvenating in a hectic airport. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the money or not.

Finally, let’s talk about time. Getting time off to travel can sometimes be difficult but find time. Schedule your time off with enough notice that your boss knows when you plan to be out. This also helps if you work for a company that has a first come first served policy or someone with seniority gets preference.  Scheduling and obtaining approval ahead of time is ideal.  You could also look for opportunities to report back on when you return. For example let’s say you are a teacher, you might look for educational opportunities while traveling and report back to your boss what you learned.

The important thing is to find time to recharge your batteries … even if it’s a “Stay Cation” where you stay at home and do something local.  Leverage your time and money to travel more and see the world. Just go out there and experience new and exciting cultures! Even local ones!