What One Place Do You Still Want To Visit?

Where would you go if you could go anywhere? Have you dreamed of that perfect getaway place? What is holding you back? How do you think it would feel to travel to that place? Why would I ask you these things?

As you reflect on these questions, be honest with yourself. Close your eyes and imagine you are already in your perfect place … the mountains, smelling the fresh woodsy smell, feel the cool breeze on your skin, and hear the forest sing with the joy of life. Perhaps you prefer somewhere near the ocean. Can you smell the salt on the air, the sting of the mist from the waves whipped onto your skin by the breeze, and the sun on your face? How about zip lining through a tropical jungle with the dense, beautiful and colorful landscape all around and below you, the humid stickiness on your skin, and the songs of exotic birds and other species in your ear.

For a few moments, sit quietly with your eyes closed and imagine you are there. What do you see, hear, smell, and even taste? What would it take for you to make this dream a reality? What is stopping you from visiting that one place; fear, money, time?

Once you’ve decided on that one place, put an action in plan to go. Set aside a travel fund and put money each time you earn a paycheck. Get your passport ready and make your plans. Then … GO! Go with the intention to experience the new, taking in the sights, the smells, and even the local foods.

Three years ago I asked myself these same questions posed to you in this post. Was I afraid to travel abroad? Yes! Why you might ask? Of the unknown, I’d answer. BUT that is the same reason I was excited to go … the unknown, the ability to experience different culture, climates, flora and fauna, the ocean, the mountains! There is nothing quite like a sunrise or sunset over the Caribbean ocean, or zip lining down steep tropical jungle ravens in and out of the jungle canopy of Costa Rica or floating down an underground river in Mexico!

Since then, I make a concerted effort to travel abroad at least once a year and I don’t intent to stop. Why? Because life is meant to be experienced and I want to experience as much as possible, to see places I’d only experienced in pictures or in film, and to sample the local cultures. Try it, I bet you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy yourself.

Safe travels my friends!


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