Encouraging Personal Development in Your Children

Even though most adults will not admit or comprehend it, their children often feel a high level of stress, just like they do. Starting at a very young age, children will begin to become more self-aware. Often while they are developing effective, or ineffective, coping mechanisms in an effort to understand who they are, what is going on around them, and how they fit into the world they find themselves.

With the right tools, children can create their own personal development, and seek ways to stay motivated to improve themselves. They have an innate ability to handle all types of stress. However, providing them the tools to learn how to prevent unhealthy stress is essential in their development and growth.

Children are easily adaptable and often mimic the behavior modeled to them by the people they admire in their environment.  If children are exposed to positive personal development techniques, they can help children grow their heart, body, mind, and soul. They also learn great coping skills in times of stress.

Overall, this type of personal development can help with their self-improvement and increase the level of their confidence, inner power, and how they love themselves.

Positive Personal Development

In times of stress, one beneficial method of helping your child develop in a positive way is the help them talk through the situation.  Asking for their ideas on the best approach to solving their issue provides a creative way for them to feel in control.  Communication is key.  For example, having a discussions with your children about a specific activity or project before beginning, allows them to participate and develop a sense of independence. They can quickly begin to understand that they are not only a part of the process, but a necessary component. This allows them to participate at a higher level and learn more through self-confidence.

You can help your child generate their personal development by finding ways to make them think in a more positive manner. This will allow them to generate their inner wisdom, build their confidence, and provide a way for them to trust themselves.


Positive thinking is not just for adults. It can help your child understand that being present in the moment in a positive manner can improve their life. It is essential to encourage your child to make full use of keeping a journal, and creating specific positive affirmations that include both “I have” and “I am”.  “I am” is a VERY powerful statement! As an example, the child can create an affirmation that they read or say out loud every day that says “I am a healthy and happy person.”

The Power of Choice

It is essential that children feel a sense of power through choice. Many children are simply unaware that they may have available options to the way they behave and feel. Children at times will simply migrate in a direction where they are used to, where their emotions and reactions are not serving them well. Instead, teach them by providing positive examples.  For example, if your child doesn’t wear a uniform to school, offer the choice of two outfits you approve of.  This provides them a sense of power, of self-responsibility, and you can often avoid a meltdown when independence and indecision begins to develop in your little one.

Positive daily routines are creative and effective tools for your child’s personal development. Eating healthy, exercising routinely, and becoming active outside their own inner circle will teach them confidence in their abilities, provide an opportunity for a quieter inner peace, and the joys of creating personal rewards.

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