Combining Physical And Mental Personal Development For Greater Success

I am an advocate of doing personal development daily. I listen to motivational recordings on a daily basis to improve mental outlook and focus. You should try it and make it a habit. Or you could read motivational books daily to strengthen you motivation using another modality. AND believe me when I say daily exercise improves your body and your mind. Where are you going to find the time to do all of these things, you ask? The answer is combining your physical and mental personal development. Let me tell you about my favorite method.

I am a walker. My favorite form of exercise is to get outside and walk. I try to walk as fast as I can. It gets the heart pumping, the blood flowing freely, and gives me time to use my mind. Walking does not require intense thought. I walk every day I can. I use this same time to listen to motivational audio recordings. I take my MP3 player with me when I head out for my evening walk. I have the player loaded with recording from top motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, David Wood, Jim Rohn, JT Debolt, and even Oprah. I get a dose of motivation while I walk.

Personal development is not limited to motivation, though. If you need to expand your knowledge to help you fulfill your goals, add audio books. I add audio books to my playlist that help me learn the skills to obtain my goals. This can include books on financial development, fitness, proper diet, memory improvement, or any other skill you need to learn.

I split my walks into two sections. On day I’ll listen to motivational speakers to get my mind moving in overdrive. Then on another, I switch into learning mode. My favorite is listening to teachers explaining ways I can improve my life using their techniques and systems. You cannot imagine the power this gives you. You go from tired after a long day at work to physically alert and active in moments. You go from sluggish thoughts to excitement. You go from wondering how to solve problems to getting the advice you need to move forward. You do it all before you start your workday if you’re a morning walker.

Ah, but let’s not forget about the reading time. If you have an inexpensive exercise bike, you can get on it and pedal slowly while you read. When the weather is bad or if you need to unwind, this can help and still get a little exercise. Read to relax and absorb. When I read in the evening, the words flow into my subconscious where they provide the greatest benefit.

There is one last piece of advice I want to offer. Write down your goals and read them before you start your morning or evening workout and after you finish reading your inspirational book at night. Plant those goals deeply in your mind while you continue your personal development quest. You will be surprised as you start seeing your goals moving closer day by day.

Oh, one more … I also listen to motivational speakers in the car on the way to work.  It gets me ready to face the challenges of the day. But most of all, it keeps my perspective focused on the positives and that’s important to me.


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