Change Your Mind Change Your Life

The greatest power we all possess is the power of choice. Every day we wake up and make choices that impact our lives. From what to wear, breakfast to eat, time to leave, or the route you travel, all of them play a major factor in how we develop in our lives. When you make the choice to transform yourself through personal development then you are making one of the most impactful choices of your life.  Improving the way you approach obstacles can help you live a more productive and fulfilling life. To change though, you must first prepare your mind so that your body and actions will follow your desires.

Take a few days to figure out how you can motivate yourself mentally for a positive change in your life. People trying to lose weight could picture an image of their body a few months from now in a new outfit they’ve been wanting.  Anyone that wants to travel more should look forward to any upcoming trips they have planned for the future. Whatever you have to do to motivate yourself mentally do it. Put notes everywhere with positive statements about yourself.  You must change the way you think about yourself if you want to change. Mindset is everything. Focus on minimizing any negative thoughts you have in your head and focus on the positive. Can you think of ways to positively reinforce a change?  It can go a long way in motivating you to stick to your goals.


First understand what is it that you want to change about yourself? Do you want to make a significant change in your health or the way you act? Are you interested in making more money, travel more, have more family time? Sit down and think of what you want to develop. Personal development relies heavily on the goals you set for yourself. Clearly outline your goals to ensure that you have a clear understanding of what type of personal development you wish to go for.

Second, develop a strategy towards personal development. A lot of people that want a positive change in their life hire a life coach. A life coach is someone that motivates and supports you in your journey. This person acts as your guide and helps you stay accountable to your goals and personal development.  Your life coach does not have to be a professional; a trusted friend or family member can be your life coach as long as they can be objective. Consider talking to someone you can rely on to keep you motivated through every step you take as you try and develop into a better version of yourself.

Then every day write down what you are going to do to change. Keep this note with you so you can refer to it throughout the day. If you have a smart phone, put the note on your phone so you have access to it at all times. Positively remind yourself how you are going to change as the day progresses. At the end of the day reflect on the good things you did and then on some of the things you want to improve. Change does not have to be huge, small micro steps in a positive direction will amount to a huge change over time. Work towards changing who you are every day and before you know it you will reach the original goal and set a new one. Even if you don’t feel different, everyone around you will notice the positive shift in you. AND you will find it easier to make a positive difference the next time because your mindset has changed … and for the better.

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