Traveling for Business

I travel a great deal for my business and I REALLY enjoy the freedom it provides me.  For example, I’ve been to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana just in the past year.  My latest trip to Puerto Rico was for training  (see photo for the blog), networking with other online marketers, and making some lasting friendships along the way.  Oh, and let’s not forget some absolutely wonderful food in addition to some rest and relaxation.

Along with work, I do find time for shopping in the local communities, to take photos and relax.  After all, I don’t travel all the time … but the nice thing about having an on-line business is that I can and still not lose income. OR worry about making sure work “at the home office” is being covered in my absence.  My office easily travels with me on my laptop … all I need is an internet connection, which can be a challenge sometimes!

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. You must be disciplined with your time. I mean, seriously, some of the places I get to go it would be EASY to not work at all. Cancun, for example, with all the rich history, tasty cuisine, and SO MUCH TO SEE AND DO … fortunately my best friend, who travels with me sometimes, likes to sleep in. That always gives me several hours to get work done and I don’t feel guilty about the site seeing and shopping that follows.

One of the downsides though is the actual travel part.  The hassle of packing (do I have the right stuff, what will go through security or customs, do I have my medicine …), check and check again that you have your ticket, arrange transportation to the airport (am I taking a shuttle as I live too far from the airport for a taxi, am I driving and paying parking, etc.), checking the luggage … and we haven’t even gotten to the security …oh and arrive 3 hours early for international flights and DON’T forget your passport. Then the wait … and the wait … and then the flight (more waiting).

Having survived the flight (I think the lady next to me watched 3 movies on the way back), you have to then go through customs (going and coming for international flights only). OH! and if your airport offers Mobile Pass – USE it, you’re wait in customs will drop dramatically.

Ah! but so far, despite the hassle and exhaustion of the actual travel part, it is SO worth the beauty, the culture, the history, architecture, new friends, etc. of the places I’ve traveled. Every place has a story to tell. One I’m eager to listen to and learn about (mindset is everything). So traveling for business isn’t so bad. And since I take my work with me (entrepreneur here), there’s no crazy catching up to do when I return home and that reduces my stress.

All in all a good deal … where would you like to travel? Me? One of these days I’d like to do Christmas in Germany! And when I do, I’ll tell you all about it … complete with photos!

Happy traveling my friends,